domingo, 7 de octubre de 2012

Why I prefer watching my favourite actor on telly

...rather than in my laptop.

One of these Saturdays you open up the newspaper. It's your day off from work and you want something good to watch on that afternoon and relax. Watching a DVD is always an option but maybe it's your lucky day and there's something interesting on (?). Suddenly you come across with a movie title, that sounds kinda familiar. Danny is gonna be on television today! But not only he is gonna be on your telly, a movie of him is gonna be shown country-wide. That means, people all over the country can have the chance to see him.

You are so happy you share it on your Facebook status, your Twitter TL, you recommend it to Cinema and Tv shows web pages. You want to make sure that everyone knows about it and tell them there's something worth-watching after lunch. The more people know, the better. And thanks to all the social networks nowdays is pretty easy. Maybe they'll watch that movie, and see Jack (Pino's role), and see in him what I once saw on Danny when I used to watch Cold Case. Maybe they notice that actor that gives his 200% in every role he plays, loyal to his beliefs, authentic and honest, he doesn't hide behind a mask nor he pretends to be what he is not.

It's 4 p.m. You turn the television on and you make sure the movie you were expecting to watch is the one you read that morning (it wouldn't be the first time that newspaper tv schedule is wrong or that a tv channel changes its tv schedule for no reason). Initial credits start rolling and there is his name! You are as excited as the first time you watched on DVD. Maybe you like the movie or maybe you dont and then you just wait to see him at least appear and then you'll turn off the telly. You smile, that moment, that movie makes your day. Flicka, in this case, is one of my all-time-favourite. I understand some might  find it not to appealing to them, but you gotta love it if you like horses and rebel teenage girl trying to find her path in life. A good movie that would make a worth-to-watch to all your family...If not, you can still enjoy Wyoming's landscape.

I've been waiting until late night (4 a.m.) to watch an episode of Law and Orde: Special Victims Unit. Efforts and time spent has always been worth, but it will never be the same to watch that episode laying down on your couch and enjoy for a whole hour of your favourite actor.

These are some of the reasons why I prefer having Danny Pino on my telly...rather than on my laptop.

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