sábado, 26 de enero de 2013

Shorty Awards Campaign 2013- Vote for Danny!

I can't believe it's been already a year since Dawn (@TeamDannyPino) and I did the Shorty Awards Campaign and we all got Danny to number 91 in the category of actor.

By then, Pino used to have around 5,000 followers and in this year he increased that number x4 (getting over 20,000) -and it's increasing everyday-. Shouldn't it be now easier to get Danny much higher?.

For us, Danny is an all-time number 1 but  we do understand there are so many celebrities and competition. However, wouldn't it be great if he could reach the top 50? I'm sure if all Danny Pino fans get united - we are lots out there!- we could get him anywhere we want (I mean in the Shorty Awards campaign- I can read your minds! lol).

If you still hesitating, and need some extra inspiration, here you have a video of the Shorty Awards Campaign (from last year). Isn't he beautiful?.

How to vote?-

Click HERE and this is what you'll see

In username make sure to put Danny's twitter username: TheDannyPino and it category you should select actor. Underneath explain why you are voting him. Get the imagination run wild! Show off all your passion :)

To make sure all this little effort we all make, and we get somewhere: please, spread out the word.

1- Share the direct link of Shorty Awards:

or share this blog in Twitter, Facebook, Google+ ...

2- Tell your friends and family to vote! It's just a sec and they'll make all of us very happy!

Let's get Pino where he belongs, up high in the stars!

(Si quieres leer esto en español: haz click aquí)